Welcome to Rasthriya Vikas Mission

Rastriya Vikas Mission was established in 2005. RVM is a government registered organization, registered under society registration act 21, 1860, registration no. 3694 and also registered under P. W. D. act 1995 (Social Welfare Department, Patna). Organisation is involved in so many welfare, development and seminar programme sponsored by govt., non-govt. and self like Women and Girls Welfare Programme, Women Education Programme, Environment Awareness Programme, Health and Sanitation Programme, Agriculture and Horticulture Programme, SC/ST Development Programme, Flood Control Teacher's Training Programme, Scholarship to student, Quiz Competition, Road Safety Awareness Prog. and Vocational Training on different Job Oriented Subjects. Beside these programme, other so many training and development programme is running right now. The main motto of our organisation is to all-round development of weaker section of the society and also provide Self Employment to them.

Our Mission & Objectives

(i) To facilitate rural industrialization and development through appropriate tech. Development transfers and by other means. To promote international trade and co- operation for economic development of India and for furtherance of the objective of this organization.
(ii) To establish and run educational institutions, vocational/technical/innovative education centers, industrial growth centers, technology parks/demonstration centers, training-cum-production centers for human resources development, employment generation and economic growth.
(iii) To set motion and play a proactive role in giving direction for a quiet social movement / revoution for socio-economical, educational, cultural, scientific, technical, financial, ethical prosperity and take spearheaded initiative to spread the gain or prosperity in the benefit of throughout masses of world of living creature.
(iv) To organise, promote, undertake, sponsor, carry-out, all programmes for the benefit of naturally challenged person, schedule caste , schedule tribes, people under poverty line, old-aged, widow, and down trodden irrespective of creed, sex, and religion.
(v) To establish, develop, maintain schools, I.T.I. under N.V.C.T. course, colleges, libaries, universities, laboratories, skill development centers, competition preparation centers, yoga and spiritual centres, sports training centres, vocational & Technical training centres research and other institutions for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge amoung the public in general.
(vi) To Undertake organise, establish or run the Medical education Centre, college and research centres.
(vii) To Conduct plantation, including medicinal plant, edible oil & non edible oils cultivation, bio-diesel plant with the acitivity of oil extraction from seeds and plants, refining the extracted oil and making of the oil & oil products.
(viii) To Conduct and undertake the research of technologies advancement, productivity enhancement, cost effectiveness technologies and methodologies in the field of agriculture, allied industries, cottage industries , veterinary and co-operatives.
(ix)To organise and run special sanitation and enviroment protection programmes for Hospital, Fair, Melas, Places for Pilgrimage, Railway station, Bus Stands, Canteens, Hostel, Industrial ergonomics.
(x)To Promote education, training and research programmes in Rural Management and generate a Human Resource Force to settle the needs of people in Rural areas.

Our Programmes

  • Promotion Training Programme
  • Rural Development Related Programmes
  • Our Awareness Programme
  • Our Human Right & Social Development Related Programmes
  • Our Programmes for Youth, Child and Women
  • Health Related Programmes Environment Ecology and Bio Diversity Development
  • Food Processing and Post Harvest Tech Related Programmes
  • Animal Welfare and Development Programes
  • Our Science and Technology Development Programmes
  • Art and Culture Related Programmes